Monday, 9 January 2012

where are we you ask?

It has been well over 21 days, both Jess and I have found that to do an art work everyday is very challenging around work, social lives and everyday happenings.
We decided that it will work better for us if we do one a week, rather than one a day. So sorry to our followers (feel like we are breaking our own rules).
Expect soon our continuation of the 21 challenge!!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

JAF: 6/21 - Bible inspired

I feel like I'm not doing my homework or something! This last week has been so busy and gone too fast. I have also been struggling with sleep, been tired when I wake then once I finally get home after working out I conk out to only start another long day again.
So I must apologise again for the last 9 days...I have 2 days off so I plan to catch up, starting back at finishing my print then bible inspired etc etc.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

JET: 6/21 - Bible Inspired

My Bible inspired craft. Hence the "inspired" cut out. The Bible is a big part of my inspiration in everyday life and I live my life through it, so I thought this would be perfect for today's challenge. The Bible verse on this is John 1:1, which is one of my favourite Bible verses. I am running one day behind.. but I promise I will catch up! I am just sooo busy, you would think not being at school any more that you would have heaps of free time, but its the total opposite! 
JET xx

JET: 5/21 Craft

This is my craft! The idea has been in my head for a while now, and I had all the material sitting around, and as I have had hardly any time I thought it might be an easy thing just to put together. I kind of had it as a wedding idea, a kind of scrapbook type thing of a ladies wedding day, with the beautiful embellishments.

Friday, 11 November 2011

JAF: 5/21 - craft

I manage to get my craft done as it was very simple and required minimal movement from bed!! I think it is super cute and I really want to wear it with an outfit sometime soon. Love the pretty floral fabric, managed to make a brooch that matches as well!!
I hope you enjoy xx JAF

JAF: 4/21 - print

I have to apologise 21 day project I've been pretty unwell so haven't completed day 4 - print, which will be popping up shortly (so keep an eye out for it)!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

4/21 JET - Print

Okay I have to say sorry for this one D: and tomorrows too, I have been doing my print (floral inspired) but my phone won't let me upload the image! (I am in Adelaide and can only access the Internet on my iPhone! So you will be getting three posts from me on Saturday! Lots of love
JET xx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

JET: 3/21 - Photography

Oh my goodness. These are not good at all. If you know me, you know how much I love my photography. But I left it to night time.. when everyone is asleep and I don't look any good for a self portrait. These are just a few images of my house.
 These are just some of the countless library books that are sitting around my bedroom. 
I want to read them all, but I haven't had time to at all! So, they are going to continue sitting here for a while longer. 

 This is one of my favourite spots in my house. It's so simple and cute. 
This photo does it no justice at all, but you can imagine. 
If it were still day time, the sun would be streaming in through the big 
windows and casting beautiful white light over the room. 

My sisters fish. They are just cute, and I had my ISO up realllyyy high,
 so the grainy effect looks kinda cool!
 I also like how you can see my in the fish bowl, a fish eye lens effect! (haha, fish...) 

That is all from me!
JET xx

JET: 2/21 - Illustration

Okay, so Jenna is beating me right now! BUT, I have been busy packing for Adelaide :P Kings of Leon here I come! I wish the photograph one was friday then I could show you some (hopefully) amazing photographs of Adelaide. But maybe I will anyway... :P
Anyway, here is my illustration. It is extremely quickly done, and not quite what I wanted, but it got me thinking which is what this challenge is all about!
JET xx

JAF: 3/21 - photography

{digital SLR Canon, edited via photoshop} - JAF

I only stepped out of the house today for an appointment and to purchase a bit more fabric for the outfits I'm meant to be sewing right now. So bad at starting, usually if I have a chai chiller from Gloria Jean's I'll be super motivated but today I had to get one from McDonald's and it did something to my stomach so I haven't been feeling too good since 5pm.
So the photography theme today was taken at home. I took about 100 photo's of so many different things, ornaments, my cat Colby, Priscilla (above), every range of flower in our garden and some of the neighbours, tyre track in the sand, a spider in a flower (yuck hate spiders) and then all my artwork hanging around. Finally I decide these were the most eye catching sorry I couldn't narrow it to one, love them both. 
NOTE: Priscilla is a hard cat to photograph she just wants to cuddle and touch you so every time I snapped away she would jump down, haha, but I got the picture!

xx JAF

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

JAF: 2/21 - illustration

{watercolour + pencil} - JAF

My second completed art work! 
Again I'm happy with it. Loving watercolour just wish I could find my really good ones (last time I saw them was in a pencil case while in London...that was 7 months ago!) they will turn up somewhere. 
In the meantime I need to purchase some watercolour paper (that also has gone missing! hmmm?!)
I wanted to name this piece but just haven't come up with something decent. Words that pop into my head: bandit, Mr. Fox (boring), Bernard the amazing. If you have a good name for this piece let me know until then it is unnamed or Mr. Bernard the Amazing Bandit!
xx JAF

JET: 1/21 - Portrait of Jenna

Okay, so I have been bad and not uploaded my #1 challenge yet.. BUT, in my defence I did paint this Monday! Ha-ha. I found this image on Jennas Facebook profile and fell in love with the bright purple of the balloons and her outfit! I was worried as I haven't had a chance for a LONG time to paint/draw so I was surprised that my end result was actually alright! That is all from me today, I am off to enjoy the beautiful sun shine! ALSO, I will upload my illustration too today! Keep an eye out!
JET xx

JAF: 1/21 - portrait of each other

{Watercolour and pencil} - JAF

Here is my portrait of Jess. 
I'm really happy with it. I surprised myself today, thought I may have forgotten how to draw as it's been so long; which is the whole reason we are doing this 21 day challenge! As it is general takes 21 days to make or break a habit so we are making it our habit everyday to create art: something we breath!
xx JAF